PAUL JENSEN grew up in Eastern Washington (shout out to the 509) where he devoured trivia books, encyclopedias, and game shows at an early age.  He has been writing and hosting pub quizzes since 2006 when he co-hosted Seattle's first late-night trivia contest at the legendary Triple Door. You can find him hosting quiz nights in four of Quizfix's locations (Skylark Cafe, Crown Bar, The Berliner, The Local 907) as well as co-hosting the Quizfix Podcast with Monika.  His pastimes include singing in bands, drinking lots of coffee and mispronouncing names of Star Wars characters.


Originally from Springfield, Ohio, MONIKA SHOOK moved to Seattle in 2015. Being that her knowledge is limited to television shows, her contributions as a trivia teammate were limited. She became a trivia host for the power of knowing all the answers. Her hobbies include: making dumb jokes, drinking Manny’s, and pointing out cute dogs to people. You can find her hosting Quizfix three times a week (Fitzgerald’s Sports Bar, The Blu Grouse, Pono Ranch) where she also sings her trivia theme song