tournament leader board (week SIX)

Two weeks (and two make-up quizzes) to go!

Over 200 teams have now played at least one Summer Camp tournament quiz! The top 50 teams are listed below. If you don’t see your team listed, YOU STILL HAVE TIME - but we won’t lie: time is of the essence. Tournament points are what counts here - get out and play the quizzes and you can climb the leader board pretty quick. Remember: the top 20 teams will make it to the Finals!

* Remember - we do have a couple of make-up quiz dates after the official end of the tournament:

TUESDAY JULY 30 @ FITZGERALD’S - This replaces the June 18th quiz that Monika had to miss (by the way, if you’d like help Monika through her cancer recovery, click the Donate button on the Home page.) No other game on that Tuesday will count towards qualifying.

THURSDAY AUGUST 1 @ MURPHY’S and THE LOCAL 907 - This replaces the July 4th qualifying game, as both Murphy’s and The Local 907 were closed.

(By the way - just like our regular quizzes, ANY TEAM can play those make-up quizzes! if your team is a little short on points, make a plan to get to either Fitzgerald’s, Murphy’s or Local 907 on those dates.)

Our Finals will be held Saturday, August 24 at The Local 907 in the afternoon - we are pushing the Finals out as far as we can to hopefully get Monika back for hosting.

Week Seven starts Monday, players - you got this!


  1. Teams get points for each quiz they play - 4pts for finishing in 1st place, 3pts for 2nd, 2pts for 3rd - and every team gets 1pt (that’s right - your team gets a point just for playing!)

  2. Play as many QUIZFIX quizzes as you can over the eight weeks. Yes, you can play multiple quizzes every week! (See our SCHEDULE page for all of the QUIZFIX locations)

  3. At the end of eight weeks, the top 20 teams with the most points are invited to play in the Finals where the top teams win cash!

  • Teams must be no bigger than six players

  • No phones (obviously)

  • In case of a tie in a daily quiz, both teams get the ascribed point value (if two teams tie for first place, both get 4pts for finishing in first, even though we’ll play a tiebreaker for the prizes at that quiz)

  • In case of a tie to get into the Finals, the team with the highest per-quiz point average gets the edge.

  • Be sure to subscribe to the QUIZFIX PODCAST for weekly hints!